Fresh Meat
University Foods Midtown


Michigan Local
Supporting our state, our farmers, our neighborhood and our families, University Foods carries thousands of products grown and produced in Michigan! Help make a difference and buy local to strengthen local communities and boost the state economy. When you select locally grown fruits and vegetables at our store, you’re getting quality produce that grows and ripens close to home, a sure sign that you’re getting fresher products. In addition, supporting local farmers helps preserve Michigan’s farmland so we can enjoy the freshness and flavor of locally grown products for years to come.

Not sure what to do for dinner? Save time and try a frozen entree from University Foods at a great price. Whether you’re looking for a quick frozen entrée or delicious ice cream treats, University Foods has the best assortment of frozen foods in town. We carry a full line of frozen products at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Got milk? We do. At University Foods, you’ll also find eggs, a varied assortment of yogurts and cheese, as well as your favorite juice flavors. Our dairy is always fresh and always at the right price.

University Foods carries a full line of incredibly fresh chicken, turkey, beef, sausage, ham and much more. Our meat products are guaranteed to satisfy your needs at a great price. If our meat products meet our high standards, we’re confident they’ll meet yours.

We know how important produce is to our neighbors and we fully commit ourselves to providing the freshest, most extraordinary mix of produce at unbelievable prices. At University Foods, you will always find the finest selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Surprise a loved one with a bouquet or treat yourself to our garden fresh cut flowers without spending a fortune. University Foods carries beautiful bouquets all year round!

Household Supplies
A sink full of dirty dishes and a hamper of stained clothing are no match for our extensive stock of cleaning solutions! University Foods carries your favorite paper products, cleaning supplies, and all household essentials.

Beer and Wine
Whether you need a few bottles of merlot to accompany a nice dinner or a 6-pack for the big game, University Foods has you covered.  Our diverse beer and wine selection will keep you coming back for more!